Mystery and Wonder in Milpitas

Winchester Mystery House draws big crowds all year round. With its labyrinth of 160 rooms, staircases leading to nowhere, and rumors of being haunted, this Milpitas attraction is popular among visitors.
Explore the lavish Victorian-era gardens and grand mansion. Be sure to stick close to your tour guide, as the house is a literal maze of hallways, and visitors can get lost.


Admission prices vary, but range from $25 to $49. An Annual Pass is $65 and includes a 15% discount in the Cafe and Gift Shop.
During the peak summer season, the house is open 9 AM to 7 PM. Last tours at 3 or 5 PM.


  • Spirit of Christmas Tour
  • Friday the 13th Bell Ringing
  • Flashlight Tours


  • Grand Estate Tour
  • Mansion Tour
  • Behind the Scenes Tour
  • Winchester Cafe
  • Winchester Gift Shop